Data Safety

Data collection

We collect information during registration, use the services site, communicate with site members, admin, use content on our site, upload content. We don’t receive information about your IP address, cookies, and pages you visit. Such information is collected to provide the best information, research, and overall product experience.

How secure your information is

We provide data collection, storage, and processing methods and security measures and physical security measures to protect you from unauthorised use, modification, disclosure, or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction information, and data stored in your account.

Our employees sign privacy agreements for product improvements, bug fixes, and use of your data for services only.

How secure your information is

We always seek your prior consent before sharing or sharing personally identifiable information with your partner and customer. We are also responsible for disclosing the contents of user information and accounts to local law enforcement authorities under specially defined circumstances. If the Bunkmeal service is merged or acquired, we will notify the Website of such developments on Website.

Bunkmeal can use some other third-party software to provide you with quality and desired services. As part of its integration with any third-party software, Bunkmeal shares some of the required information with third-party software or data accessed by third-party software and vice versa. We may also share information with our vendors providing email marketing, payment processing, customer support, Vendor networking, and more.

BunkMeal may link to other sites or maybe third-party services to services beyond our control. We may have plugged in other third-party software and services that we do not control. Our policy does not apply to the privacy practices of third parties or websites. Any interaction with those plugins or websites may collect your information. We will not be liable for any claims and liability for any or all of these third-party practices.

When you choose to receive relevant information, we use your information to show you relevant ads and content from us and our affiliates. Access to your name, email address, and personal details is restricted to our employees, who need to know such information regarding our services and are subject to privacy obligations.