Reimagine Cafeteria Management with BunkMeal's Dynamic Solutions​.

India's Fastest Growing No. 1 Food Tech Company.

efficiency meets great service. experience our innovative platform, transforming cafeteria management for all.

Dynamic Vendor Management.

effortlessly change vendors, maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.

manage business better.

improve cafeteria operations, ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction at every stage.

Seamless Integration.

blend backend operations and customer service seamlessly for simpler cafeteria management.

Efficient & Advance App.

consistently maintaining high service standards while prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Masked Fees.
hidden charges.

0 Setup Fees, No Registration Fee, No Annual Maintenance Charges
At BunkMeal, we believe in complete transparency. We understand the uniqueness of each business, and thus, we are flexible in customizing charges based on your specific requirements and any applicable conditions.
With BunkMeal, experience pricing clarity and peace of mind, every step of the way.

BunkMeal vs Other's.

Countless successful transactions and more on the way!

At BunkMeal, we understand the challenges faced by vendors and aim to simplify their experience. With our user-friendly platform, we offer vendors a seamless process to manage their cafeteria operations efficiently. Join us in revolutionizing your cafeteria experience and witness the difference today!

At BunkMeal, we are dedicated to providing a seamless and transparent experience for all your cafeteria needs. With our innovative platform offering interactive POS systems that require no training, we ensure that your operations run smoothly. Our commitment to fairness extends to our pricing, with no hidden maintenance costs or setup fees, ensuring that you receive the most value for your investment. Additionally, our swift settlement time of T+1 ensures that your transactions are processed efficiently. With BunkMeal, you can take advantage of our customizable promotions and loyalty programs, all while enjoying a competitive commission rate of less than 10%. Join us in revolutionizing your cafeteria management and dining experience today!

Transparent, 0% hidden fees
Varies, potential hidden costs
Platform Access
Flash Checkout, Interactive POS, Easy to Use
Limited access, basic tools, training required
Setup Fees
Charged fees for setup
Maintenance Costs
No hidden maintenance costs
Additional yearly charges
Customer Support
24/7 assistance
Limited support hours
Settlement Time
T+1 / Next day
T+2 / After two days
Loyalty Programs
Run loyalty programs with BunkMeal
Limited loyalty program integration
Less than 10%*
more than 16%

*Note: Customization and specific conditions may apply.

Countless successful transactions and more on the way!

Within just 6 months since our inception, we have achieved unprecedented growth, setting records as of april 10th, 2024.

Celebrating over a million satisfied appetites.

Within just 6 months since our inception, One million and more plates of happiness, served with love and passion, setting records as of april 10th, 2024.

Our Solutions.

At BunkMeal, we prioritize your convenience and satisfaction.
Our user-friendly platform allows you to order your favorite meals effortlessly, eliminating the need to wait in long queues. You can specify your preferred pick-up times, ensuring a seamless and timely dining experience tailored to your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of exploring various offers and promotions, all while experiencing a secure and hassle-free transaction process for your peace of mind.
Critical advantages providing a leading edge.
enhanced customer convenience: bunkmeal's user-friendly interface and convenient pick-up time specifications provide customers with a hassle-free and enjoyable dining experience, allowing them to order meals at any time of day or night without the need to carry extra items.
Reliable and Secure Transactions: BunkMeal ensures secure and reliable transactions, providing customers with peace of mind when making digital payments. With a focus on safety and customer satisfaction, BunkMeal guarantees a smooth and secure ordering process every time.
increased revenue streams: vendors partnering with bunkmeal witness a notable increase in revenue, ranging from 10% to as high as 60%. through our comprehensive suite of services, vendors benefit from enhanced visibility, improved user experiences, and an expanding customer base, ultimately leading to higher profitability.
Convenient Ordering: BunkMeal provides a user-friendly platform that allows customers to order their favorite meals with ease, eliminating the need to wait in long queues or compromise on their preferred dining choices.
Flexible Pick-up Times: Customers can specify their desired pick-up times, ensuring that their meals are ready for them upon their arrival, whether during a quick break or after a busy day, without any hassle or delays.
Enhanced Dining Experience: With BunkMeal, customers enjoy a seamless and efficient dining experience, where they can explore various offers, discover promotions, and conveniently access a diverse range of food options, all tailored to their preferences and schedules.
reduced operational losses: with bunkmeal, vendors experience reduced operational losses attributed to cash pilferage and food wastage. the platform's efficient digital payment system also minimizes the risks associated with potential payment fraud.

Alternative: App is Optional Bunkmeal UPI.

Simply pay through your UPI app, and watch as every transaction seamlessly integrates into our system

experience a new level of convenience with bunkmeal upi. say farewell to traditional payment hassles as our system seamlessly integrates every transaction, putting control in your hands. key features include effortless transactions, instant record-keeping, security, and transparent billing. simply select upi at checkout, scan, and pay securely through your upi app. bunkmeal upi ensures automatic recording, allowing you to go paperless and track expenses effortlessly. embrace the future of dining transactions with bunkmeal upi—where simplicity, security, and efficiency meet delightful culinary experiences.

Just. Tap & GO.

experience the simplicity of Bunkmeal Entitlement, where company billing is made easy.

At Bunkmeal Entitlement, we redefine the dining experience not only for individuals but also for companies. Our platform makes company billing a breeze, ensuring a seamless and transparent process. With just a tap, users can enjoy their meals, and the billing to the company is effortlessly handled. Say goodbye to complex expense tracking; Bunkmeal Entitlement streamlines the entire billing procedure, making it easy for companies to manage and reconcile expenses. Experience the convenience of a user-friendly platform that not only delights your taste buds but also simplifies corporate billing with unmatched efficiency.

Your Data: BunkMeal's Sacred Duty.

Bunkmeal's SIX-Layer Security. Rest assured, BunkMeal fiercely guards your personal information and transactions through encryption, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.
Our 6-layer security architecture leaves no room for errors, ensuring your data remains exclusively yours.
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BUNKMEAL's Delicious Story!

our cohesive team united with a common vision to leverage cutting-edge technology in creating a positive impact on society. motivated by a collective dedication to building a better world through digital experiences, we embarked on a venture that initially faced resource and scalability challenges. despite these hurdles, our unwavering determination propelled us forward.

during a routine visit to the campus canteen, we uncovered a significant problem affecting the daily lives of students. intrigued by the opportunity to revolutionize the dining experience, we delved deeper and identified the potential to modify the cafeteria. this revelation marked the beginning of bunkmeal, as we set out to provide an innovative solution to the persistent issue. despite initial setbacks, we registered bunkmeal private limited on october 11, 2021, signaling the official commencement of our journey.

due to the challenging circumstances brought on by the pandemic, our operations were delayed, and it wasn’t until march 2023 that we were able to kickstart our endeavors. following successful client acquisition, we conducted a thorough month-long pilot test, ensuring a seamless and efficient full-scale deployment. despite the delays and challenges brought on by the pandemic, our official launch in hyderabad marked a significant milestone, showcasing our resilience and determination to make a positive impact on the local community. our commitment to creativity, innovation, and shared value with our partners and employees solidified our vision to establish bunkmeal as a respected brand, demonstrating our steadfast dedication to crafting a better world through technological solutions.

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